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2131 Five Mile Line Rd
Penfield, NY, 14526
United States

(585) 586-5192

The Penfield Arts Center is a hub of symbiotic creative activity designed to open people's minds and reunite them with the expressive freedoms of their youth.... come play and explore! We are located at the four corners of Penfield in Penfield, New York.

The Art Escapes Program

The Art Escapes Program

Art Escapes: Self -Exploration Through Creativity

Discover the “Artist Child” Within (3 sessions for $250)

Using a combination of meditative techniques, projective dreamwork, and playfully creative response exercises tailored to each individual’s unique energy, personality and creative leanings, Kristina Hutch Matthews helps clients unearth latent talents and connect to inner longings of the soul. Each class is extremely spontaneous and inspired.

Kristina is a truly gifted woman who uses her art, in a variety of ways, to bring healing, growth and joy. I had the privilege of meeting her through a workshop we both attended. I’m one of those people you might label “art-phobic” when it comes to “hands-on” creativity. Any group activity involving art totally shuts me down. I mentioned this to her and told her I thought it related to a strong, early childhood memory. I was in kindergarten, trying to draw an elephant which I saw clearly in my head but was totally - in my opinion - unable to replicate. That, I thought, was probably the source of my disdain for any art-related project and the root cause of my lack of self confidence. I accepted Kristina’s invitation to participate in “Art Escapes: Self-exploration through Creativity.” I told her my purpose wasn’t to become an artist, or even to be able to draw an elephant, but to live a more deeply creative life. I don’t have words to express the outcome of just my first meeting with her in Art Escapes. It was truly magic. The most profound gift to me was not the fact that I lost my fear of drawing, but that a deep, unconscious wound in my heart had been healed. I left that first session with a feeling of lightness and freedom that radiated out into my life and relationships with very tangible effects. The healing keeps continuing to unfold. Kristina’s playful approach to art is truly transforming.
— Linda Hanna