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2131 Five Mile Line Rd
Penfield, NY, 14526
United States

(585) 586-5192

The Penfield Arts Center is a hub of symbiotic creative activity designed to open people's minds and reunite them with the expressive freedoms of their youth.... come play and explore! We are located at the four corners of Penfield in Penfield, New York.

Intentional Community

Statement of Intention

The Penfield Arts Center is a shared space of personal and collective transformation. In joining this community of creative souls, I am consciously setting my intention to honor, respect, and learn from all the other unique energies gathered here. This space is attuned to the vibrations of meditation, conversation, cooperation, collaboration, motivation, inspiration, creation and manifestation; and my presence in this community will serve to draw in this creative source energy and release it exponentially into the world, inspiring new souls and lighting the pathways of others. 

We intend this space to be a safe haven for all who gather here; and so we ask that each person, upon entering the building, please take a few moments to release anything that would not serve their time here, and/or anything that they would not wish to share with others.

It is our hope that by entering and agreeing to serve within this 'consciously creative' community, you will experience increased peace, mindfulness, focus, a feeling of shared vision, and a sense that the Universe is collaborating and conspiring to help you manifest your dreams when they are aligned with the visions of your highest self.

We welcome you into this unique experience of Unity, Love and Light.